The cooling of easy open end canned food

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After heating and sterilization, the canned food should be cooled down to about 38 DEG C quickly by means of cooling water. Canned cooling can reduce the continuous effect of high temperature on the food in the tank, keep the good color and aroma of the food, reduce the soft and rotten food structure and reduce the corrosion of the tank wall. The faster the cooling rate after sterilization, for easy opening affect the quality of the food in the jar is smaller, but keep the container in this temperature variation is not affected by physical damage. Cooling method, according to the cooling position, can be divided into pot cooling and outside the pot cooling; according to refrigerant medium can be divided into air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling is extremely slow and is seldom used except for special requirements.

In the cooling, if the sterilization pot perfusion cooling water, may be due to the rapid flash vacuum caused by the condensation of steam sterilization pot, the pot inside and outside pressure increased, deformation, may cause serious crack leakage or canned food sterilization pot damage. Therefore, in the cooling stage, the control of the pressure in the retort is very important. It must be determined according to the type of tank, the nature of the container and the type of retort.

Cooling water shall be sterilized and conform to the drinking water standard. Glass tank cooling, we should pay attention to the cooling water temperature can not be too low, prevent the temperature difference is too large, resulting in fragmentation of the tank.

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