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Farmers and Foresters

Agriculture and Biomass

Many Farmers already produce biomass energy by growing corn to make ethanol. But biomass energy comes in many forms. Virtually all plants and organic wastes can be used to produce heat, power, or fuel. Biomass energy has the potential to supply a significant portion of America's energy needs, while revitalizing rural economies, increasing energy independence, and reducing pollution. Farmers would gain a valuable new outlet for their products. Rural communities could become entirely self-sufficient when it comes to energy, using locally grown crops and residues to fuel cars and tractors and to heat and power homes and buildings.

Forestry and Biomass

Changes in the global economy have reduced demand for timber in the United States, especially in the Southeast, where the demand for pulpwood has significatly decreased. This has led to high inventories and lower proces for small diameter pulpwood and thousands of aces of overstocked pine plantations. A biomass energy industry could utilize timber currently considered to be unmerchantable or underutilized, and could help alleviate the nation's economic, energy and environmental concerns.