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Mechanical Electrical Technician (Windsmith)

Industry: Energy
Area: Wind Power

A windsmith is a person who is involved in the business of windmill construction and erection. A windsmith performs day-to-day operations and maintenance duties on wind turbine facilities. The windsmith will work closely with other individuals to monitor, track performance, and respond to wind turbine faults. The windsmith aids in the development and management of new wind turbine projects. The windsmith will play a key role in the establishment and management of a maintenance facility and operations program. The windsmith will need to be able to handle a wide range of technical and administrative duties. The windsmith works closely with and coordinates operational activities with utility companies and other wind industry companies.

Work Settings

Windsmiths must be able to work at extreme heights, outdoors and work in adverse weather conditions.


Although it may be possible to qualify for certain engineering technician jobs without formal training, most employers prefer to hire someone with at least a 2-year associate degree in engineering technology. Windsmiths require post secondary education in electrical or related field and one year of electrical or mechanical experience, preferably in the area of wind turbine operations and maintenance.

Job Outlook

It is a growing area and much money is being poured into research and construction. New designs and concepts are being constantly sought out.


Median annual earnings of mechanical and electrical technicians were $46,310 in May 2004. The middle 50 percent earned between $36,290 and $55,750. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $29,000, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $67,900.

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