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Construction Worker

Industry: Energy
Area: Wind Power

Wind energy projects create new jobs in rural communities in manufacturing, transportation, and project construction. Local labor is often used for project construction like building roads and erecting turbines. Once the projects are complete, jobs are created in the operation and maintenance of the projects. Wind projects can help turn the economy around in depressed rural areas. At the height of construction subcontractors employ nearly 400 workers providing a boost to local businesses. Local companies that provided services also benefited. Wind farms also pay rent to farmers who agree to have turbines erected on their property.

Work Settings

Working on a construction site is physically demanding. Equipment is noisy and heavy construction equipment can be dangerous. As with most machinery, accidents generally can be avoided by observing proper operating procedures and safety practices. As much of the work is outdoors, construction sites are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and workers often get dirty, greasy, muddy, or dusty. Construction workers may have irregular hours because work on some construction projects continues around the clock or must be performed late at night or early in the morning. Work may take place in remote locations.


Construction workers learn on the job while those in the skilled trades learn how to perform their jobs through apprenticeship programs.

Job Outlook

Opportunities are expected to be good due to the numerous openings that rise each year as laborers leave the occupation. Opportunities will be best for those with experience and specialized skills, and for those willing to relocate to areas with new construction projects.


Construction laborers earn approximately $12.00/hour. People in the skill trades can earn $30.00/ hour.

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