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Food Service Managers

Industry: Healthcare
Area: Nutrition

Food service managers are responsible for the daily operations of restaurants and other establishments that prepare and serve meals and beverages to customers. Besides coordinating activities among various departments, such as kitchen, dining room, and banquet operations, food service managers ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience. In addition, they oversee the inventory and ordering of food, equipment, and supplies and arrange for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the restaurant, its equipment, and facilities. Managers generally are responsible for all of the administrative and human-resource functions of running the business, including recruiting new employees and monitoring employee performance and training.

Work Settings

Managers of institutional food service facilities, such as school, factory, or office cafeterias, work more regular hours because the operating hours of these establishments usually conform to the operating hours of the business or facility they serve. However, hours for many managers are unpredictable.


Most food service management companies and national or regional restaurant chains recruit management trainees from 2- and 4-year college hospitality management programs.

Job Outlook

Food service managers held about 386,000 jobs in 2002. Employment of food service managers is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2012.


Median annual earnings of salaried food service managers were $35,790 in 2002.

Work Schedule

Food service managers are among the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. Long hours 12 to 15 per day, 50 or more per week, and sometimes 7 days a week are common.

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