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How to use this website

How to Use the Career Ladder Map

The career ladder map has been organized according the level of education required by specific occupations, beginning with high school plus training and ending with a Bachelors Degree and above. This career ladder map does not include occupations that require a PH.D or Medical Degree to earn an entry-level position. Whether you want to enter an occupation right away with just a little training or whether you want to spend several years in college preparing yourself for a solid career path that will open many doors, you will find a choice to suit your needs within this guide.

The occupations in the career ladder map have not only been organized according the level of education required, but also by the professional category in which the occupation falls. This will make it easier for you to track down specific career paths within a category that also correspond to the amount of education and training that you are willing to receive.

There are four levels of education required for the occupations and careers within this guide:

  • Clinical occupations requiring high school plus training
  • Non-clinical occupations requiring high school plus training
  • Occupations requiring two years of education or an Associates Degree
  • Occupations requiring a Bachelors Degree or higher.

* Note for those considering a career within the Healthcare industry: The requirements to become a health professional change regularly. This ladder is meant to serve as an overview of careers at various educational levels. The health professions below are listed according to typical education requirements for employment in New York State.

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