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Destination Marketing Organization

High School Plus Training

Support Staff - All Destination Marketing Organizations disseminate information and attract visitors to the region. Support staff must constantly update the organization’s information database as well as provide administrative support to the program staff. Excellent computer skills and familiarity with various software programs is important as well as excellent communication skills. An understanding of websites may be helpful. Average salary $27,000/yr.

Bachelors Degree or Higher

Director - The Director of a Destination Marketing Organization acts as the public voice in matters of fund raising, public appearances, and legislative functions. The President develops the business plan and works with various partners to support businesses in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry. This occupation requires extensive overnight travel. The Director of the organization must have excellent interpersonal, human resource/training, management and leadership skills. The ability to manage multiple priorities is essential. Creating and implementing budgets and computer skills are also required. Average salary $108,000/yr.

Program Director/Information Officer - Program Directors/Information Officers in Destination Marketing Organizations disseminate information and implement programs for group markets, international markets and education programs for partners. They act as the public face of the organization, keeping track of the employers in the industry and encouraging cooperation and partnerships within the Hospitality and Leisure Industry. Program Directors work with all levels of business owners and employers. Program Directors in Destination Marketing Organizations need excellent writing and computer skills. They must be able to multi-task and think creatively. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential. Average salary $64,000/yr.

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