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Oswego Career Ladders - Administration and Support

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Administration and Support

High School Plus Training

Drafting Technician - Prepares layout/complex detail drawings. Average wage $967.84/wk.

Two Years of Education or an Associates Degree

Electrical/Electronic Technicians - Performs internal analytical testing. Average wage $632-$852/wk.

Mechanical Engineering Technician - Develops/tests machinery/equipment. Average wage $842/wk.

Electrical/Mechanical Lab Technician - Performs testing on experimental models/components to determine acceptable standards of performance reliability. Average wage $660-$1090/wk.

CAD Designer - Performs routine/moderately complex design tasks using CAD equipment. Average wage $870/wk.

Lab/Engineering Chemical Technician - Performs chemical tests of organic and inorganic materials to ascertain conformance to specifications. Average salary $35,000/yr..

Computer Operator - Sets up and monitors computer equipment. Average wage $686/wk.

Personal Computer Specialist - Develops and implements internal mini- and micro-computing operations. Average wage $747/wk.

Accounting Clerk - Compile figures, makes calculations and may have payroll responsibilities. Average wage $600-$820/wk.

Credit and Collections Clerk - Collects and checks information of credit applicants. Average wage $651/wk.

Billing Clerk - Checks shipping memos, prepares invoices and calculates extensions for gross charges of goods shipped. Average wage $548/wk.

Payroll Clerk - Makes computations on employee time cards and checks computations of timekeepers and shortage claims. Average wage $600-$725/wk.

Bachelors Degree or Higher

Chief Engineering Officer - Responsible for the formulation, administration and coordination of policies/practices to improve operating performance, reduce waste/delays and promote cost reductions. Average salary $101,000/yr.

Engineering Manager - Responsible for ensuring department fiscal, policy, and quality goals are met. Average salary $98,000/yr.

Engineering Supervisor - Oversees the daily operations/activities of engineering department. Average salary $78,000/yr.

Senior Project Engineer - Carries out engineering design, development, testing and product change activities. Average salary $101,000/yr.

Electrical/Electronic Engineer - Designs/develops machinery/equipment for production and utilization of electricpower. Average salary $61,500/yr.

Mechanical Engineer - Designs, produces, installs and maintenances machinery/auxiliary systems. Average salary $55,000-$81,000/yr.

Test Engineer - Conducts research/experiments leading to improvements to/development of products. Average salary $54,800/yr.

Product Manager - Gathers new product/service ideas and evaluates potential/practicality. Average salary $81,000/yr.

Systems Engineer - Utilizes electrical/electronic/software engineering principles to customize products. Average salary $75,000/yr.

Chemical Engineer - Applies chemistry/engineering principles to manufacturing operations that involve chemical processes. Average salary $82,700/yr.

Safety Director/Manager - Develops and implements company-wide accident loss prevention programs. Average salary $60,700/yr.

Industrial Hygienist - Plans and implements environmental health, pollution and safety programs. Average salary $67,500/yr.

Industrial Nurse - Performs duties as an RN in plant hospital/dispensary. Average salary $58,900/yr.

Plant/Division HR Manager - Develops and implements employment policies/programs. Average salary $76,800/yr.

Human Resource Generalist - Provides pro-active planning/day-to-day solutions, expert counsel, and HR information to clients, employees and management. Average salary $51,600/yr.

Benefits Administrator/Manager - Coordinates corporate benefit programs. Average annual salary $63,000/yr.

Compensation Analyst - Develops plans/procedures with respect to fair rates of pay. Average salary $54,800/yr.

Employment Manager - Recruits and makes preliminary selections of job applicants. Average salary $66,000/yr.

Chief Information Officer - Develops and implements information services activities. Average salary $88,800/yr.

Information Systems Manager - Directs information systems activities. Average salary $81,000/yr.

Network Administrator - Maintains/monitors the local area network. Average salary $55,200/yr.

Applications Programming Manager - Develops and maintains computer applications/programs. Average salary $81,600/yr.

Data Base Administrator - Directs activities related to data base planning/development and the establishment of policies/procedures pertaining to its management, security, maintenance, and utilization. Average salary $55,600/yr.

Systems Analyst - Conducts studies to determine applicability of data processing or improve existing applications. Average salary $53,000/yr.

Senior Systems Analyst - Guides the design/implementation of data processing systems or the improvement of

existing applications. Average salary $75,000/yr.

Webmaster - Formulates/edits internet/intranet technical functions, manages content, and develops look of the website. Average salary $69,800/yr.

Computer Programmer - Develops, tests, and debugs programs/applications, operating systems and other software. Average salary $50,000/yr.

Chief Financial Officer - Conducts studies to determine applicability of data processing systems or improve existing applications. Average salary $134,000/yr.

Controller - Establishes accounting principles, practices and procedures. Average salary $99,700/yr.

Accounting Manager - Oversees general accounting functions of the organization. Average salary $62,400/yr.

Credit Manager - Responsible for credit and collections management. Average salary $53,000/yr.

Cost Accountant - Compiles information to determine costs by department, division, product and other groupings. Average salary $64,800/yr.

Accountant - Prepares income and balance sheet statements, analyzes financial reports and coordinates accounting matters with other departments, locations and divisions. Average salary $46,000/yr.

Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor - Plans and implements accounts payable/receivable system. Average salary $49,000/yr.

Payroll Supervisor - Prepares paychecks, tracking withholdings, overtime, etc. Average salary $52,000/yr.

* All wages and salaries based on 2009 statistics.