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Oswego Career Ladders - Facility Support

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Facility Support

High School Plus Training

Electronic Instrument Tradesperson - Installs, modifies, maintains and repairs electronic instruments and control systems. Average wage $25.84/hr.

Guard - Makes periodic tours around building and grounds or patrol fixed post as assigned. Average wage $17.13/hr.

Janitor/Laborer - Performs simple manual duties, such as digging, shoveling, loading and unloading bulk material and performs cleaning duties. Average wage $12.20/hr.

Two Years of Education or an Associates Degree

Boiler Room/Power House Operator - Operates boilers, interprets readings of meters, and takes action emergency when necessary. Average wage $26.08/hr.

Waste Treatment Operator - Operates equipment to decontaminate, neutralize, and dispose of waste liquids, acids, alkalis, etc. from processing operations; monitors flow rates; reclaims precious metals from collectors; and replaces filters and related items. Average wage $17.14/hr.

Carpenter -Constructs, installs and repairs a variety of woodwork and make repairs to office furniture, cabinets, etc. Average wage $21.87/hr.

Electrician - Lays out, installsand maintains a variety of electrical equipment, makes new installations from prints and instructions and diagnoses and corrects trouble on installations. Average wage $20.21/hr.

Machine Repairer - Maintains, repairs, and rebuilds machine tools, machine tool auxiliaries and mechanisms, from standard tooling to more complicated machine tools. They replace worn and broken parts, diagnose and remedy trouble and determine repairs necessary. Average wage $18-$25/hr.

Millwright - Dismantles and reassembles units; selects or specifies hangers, belts, miscellaneous items, etc.; and installs, repairs and maintains power drives. Average wage $23.86/hr.

Pipe-fitter/Plumber - Installs and maintains complete low and high pressure piping installations for connecting a wide variety of steam, gas, air, and hydraulic equipment. Average wage $25.65/hr.

Facilities Maintenance/Trades - Level I employees perform routine maintenance work under close supervision to maintain and service structures and make minor repairs on equipment and facilities. Level II employees perform a variety of complex maintenance work to maintain and/or repair complicated structures, electrical and electronic systems, machine shop equipment, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. Level III employees perform diversified maintenance work to maintain and service electrical systems, machines and equipment, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, buildings and facilities, etc. Average wage $16-$23/hr.

Security Officer - Establishes and enforces security procedures; makes recommendations on special security and staffing problems; and conducts confidential investigations to make recommendations on preventative or remedial action. Average wage $50,000/yr.

Bachelors Degree or Higher

Environmental Engineer - Ascertains levels of pollution and recommends appropriate action to management to

assure conformance with federal, state and municipal legislation and regulations regarding environmental control; assists in the overall planning and installation of equipment revision relating to the environment; and serves as liaison between the organization and regulatory agencies concerned with environmental control. Average salary $73,000/yr.

Plant Maintenance Engineer - Supervises the maintenance and repairs of plant equipment, buildings and grounds. In some instances engineering design and construction of new facilities or alteration or modification of existing facilities may also be involved. Average salary $70,000/yr.

* All wages and salaries based on 2009 statistics.