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High School Plus Training

Production Supervisor - Responsible for tasks that require the highest degree of mechanical and/or technical ability. Average wage $1,254/wk.

Sheet Metal Worker - Constructs products, including design, development and layout. Average salary $40,290/yr.

Tool Room Machine Operator - Sets up and operates several different types of machine tools. Average wage $26.86/hr.

Tool, Die or Gauge Maker - Plans, constructs, alters and repairs a variety of complex tools, and/or dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges. Average wage $28.90/hr.

Grinding Machine Operator, Precision - Operates/sets up precision grinding machines to grind internal and/or external surfaces of metal objects. Average wage $20.91/hr.

Assembly - Bench/Machine - Level I Assemblers perform routine bench and/or machine operations. Level II Assemblers work with a variety of complex and non-standard units. Average wage $12.58/hr.

Assembly - Electronic/Electromechanical - Level I assemblers perform light electromechanical assembly work. Level II assemblers perform highly complex electromechanical assembly work. Average wage $12-16/hr.

Lathe Operator - Sets up and operates engine or turret lathes. Average wage $18.11/hr.

Production Machine Operator - Performs highly repetitive short cycle machine operations. Average wage $12.80/hr.

Machinist/Machine Operator - Performs operations on machine shop equipment. Average wage $16-24/hr.

Welder - Level I welders perform ordinary welding operations. Level II welders perform difficult/unusual welding operations. Average wage $15-19/hr.

NC/CNC Milling/Drilling Machine Operator - Sets up and operates numerical control drilling/milling machines. Average wage $19.44/hr.

NC/CNC Turning Machine Operator - Sets up and operates numeric control machining centers. Average wage $16.81/hr.

Painter, Sprayer - Production Run - Prepares surfacing, mixes paint and applies coatings. Average wage $14.27/hr.

Electroplaters - Coat sparts with a layer of decorative or protective metal. Average wage $12.81/hr.

Furnace Operator/Repairer - Operates vacuum atomization furnaces, isolates problems in furnace systems and performs routine maintenance. Average wage $14.53/hr.

Two Years of Education or an Associates Degree

Layout Designer - Prepares design or design changes of products, machines and/or equipment. Average wage $819/wk.

Methods and Process Technician - Analyzes and defines production methods and processes. Average wage $648-$1,027/wk.

Manufacturing Technician - Provides support with the installation, operation and problem resolution of production equipment. Average wage $808/wk.

Tool and Die Designer - Designs complicated dies, tools, gauges, jig and fixtures. Average wage $955/wk.

Bachelors Degree or Higher

Industrial Engineer - Concerned with the design and installation/integrated systems of personnel, materials, machinery, and equipment. Average salary $54,400/yr.

Manufacturing Engineer - Investigates, establishes and implements requirements for equipment, tooling, materials, or methods of manufacturing. Average salary $57,000-$75,000/yr.

Product Engineer - Develops designs of company products and/or components to obtain efficient product operation and production. Average salary $55,000/yr.

Production Planning and Control Manager - Establishes production schedules, takes necessary action to eliminate delays and ensures adherence to production and shipping schedules. Average salary $67,800/yr.

* All wages and salaries based on 2009 statistics.

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