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Oswego Career Ladders - Furnace Operator/Repairer

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Furnace Operator/Repairer

Industry: Manufacturing
Area: Operations

Operate vacuum atomization furnace, isolate problems in furnace system, and perform routine maintenance tasks on furnace and associate equipment. Set up and operate furnace through various cycles including "melt" and "blow." Isolate furnace system problems and remove and replace malfunctioning components. Check charge to make sure material agrees with requirements and records. Inspect furnace, crucible, condition of fitting, tube and head assembly and other critical areas to make sure conditions do not exist which might jeopardize run. Work with crew to make connections, secure flange bolts and other hook-up work necessary for start up. Oversee melt and determine when to make blow or when to abort melt to minimize loss due to malfunctions. Coordinate efforts of crew for efficient operation. Prepare crucibles for the next run, clean tower, troubleshoot problems, and take corrective action when necessary.

Work Settings

Manufacturing floor setting. The average workweek is 40 hours. Shift work and overtime is common. Many manufacturers operate 24 hours/day.


Requires technical training and 2+ years job related experience

Job Outlook

See US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook ( for latest information


Average hourly earnings in CNY in 2005 were $17.99/hour.

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