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Oswego Career Ladders - Quality

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High School Plus Training

Quality Assurance/Inspection - There are three types of Quality Assurance Inspectors. Lower level employees follow standardized methods in repetitive sampling, operational, final bench, crib or mechanical or electrical inspection, using direct reading and adjustable gauges. Mid level quality inspectors perform diversified first piece sampling, or final floor or bench inspection of parts or products and are responsible for stopping production or notifying supervisor in case of excessive defects. Top level quality inspectors perform final inspection for quality and appearance of highly diversified parts and assemblies and performance of complicated products. They apply broad knowledge of product application in exercising responsibility to decide on allowable variations from specifications or standards. Average wage $15-$23/hr.

Two Years of Education or an Associates Degree

Quality Control Technician - Assigns work, instructs and coordinates the activities of the quality control section and assists with the application and monitoring of established inspection procedures and methods. Compiles, tabulates, and summarizes inspection data for analysis. Prepares and offers constructive criticism relative to variables and deviations from prescribed standards of quality. Expedites and follows up on procedural changes, inspection applications. Acts as a liaison between quality control and the inspection department. Average wage $791/wk.

Bachelors Degree or Higher

Quality Assurance Manager - Responsible for installation and supervision of testing devices and procedures for products including raw materials to make sure they conform to specifications and quality standards. Confers with purchasing, customers, etc., regarding specifications, errors, problems, complaints, compliance with government regulations, etc. Conducts research on defects. Average salary $81,000/yr.

Quality Control Engineer - Designs and installs quality control process sampling systems, procedures and statistical techniques; designs or specifies inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment; analyzes production limitations and standards; recommends revision of specifications when indicated; formulates or assists in formulating quality control policies and procedures, develops the economics of any quality control program when required. Average salary $63,000/yr.

ISO Administrator - Develops and implements a quality system which complies with ISO requirements. Investigates practices and procedures and performs internal quality systems audits to determine quality standards and whether these standards are being met. Implements corrective action as needed. Communicates quality systems progress and objectives to company personnel. May train personnel in the development of quality methods and procedures. Contacts third party registrar to conduct quality audit. Average salary $60,000/yr.

* All wages and salaries based on 2009 statistics.